Company Info

All shipments are made from our factory in Burbank, CA 91502. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Pick-ups will be scheduled Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Your order will not be released for shipping until final payment is received and confirmed. No modifications of payment terms will be valid without written consent from Moss Studio.

Prior to shipping, all goods will be carefully inspected, completely wrapped and ready for transport. all pieces are blanket wrapped by the freight carriers and not unwrapped until the goods arrive at the customer’s location. Moss Studio is not responsible for damages to any part of your order after it leaves our factory and is in the possession of the transporter. All goods must be inspected upon arrival and any claim for damage should be handled between the transporter and the customer. Once the transporter picks up your order from Moss Studio, please contact the transporter if you have any questions about the timing of your shipment, as we do not have control over their delivery schedules. Remember that when using a transporter, your shipping charges will be less if you schedule a business to business delivery rather than a business to residential delivery. If the delivery must be shipped to a residential address, the transporter can help to find a receiving agent or moving company that can accommodate residential delivery if the transporter does not provide residential delivery. If you need an item by a specific date, please remember to notify us well in advance and we will make every effort to allow for the 10-14 days delivery time.

Freight Damages

All goods are thoroughly inspected for damages and defects before they are released to the transporter. The signature of the carrier’s agent is proof that all merchandise was shipped in good order. All merchandise should be inspected by the customer at the time of delivery. Any damages, defects or missing items should be noted on the driver bill of lading and a claim filed with the transporter. There will be no allowances from Moss Studio for transit damage, freight overcharge or damages while in possession of the transporter. Please keep Moss Studio informed of any issues.

Our warranty applies to the original owner only. The goods are intended for normal, residential use.

  • All moss studio furniture carries a lifetime warranty on frames.
  • Cushions and workmanship of the pieces are warranted for one year if standard care procedures are followed. Cushions are not warranted against
    • Early cushion wear resulting from lack of normal cushion care.
    • Normal density of materials, including the softening of the cushion core, which is expected with aging and not ­considered a loss of resiliency.
    • Loss of initial “crown” of cushion due to the normal compression.
    • Reasonable amounts of feather and/or down that exit the envelope.
    • Any wrinkling, fading, wearing, and pilling of fabrics is not warranted.

In order to obtain sales materials at no cost, accounts need to meet a minimum opening order of $12,000. If not met, sales tools will cost $1000 plus shipping costs. If a total of $12,000 of merchandise is ordered within a six month period of purchasing sales materials, the $1000 charge will be credited on a future order upon request. Customers who maintain sales of $25,000 during the calendar year are eligible to receive new addition updates at no charge.

Lead time – standard lead time is 6-8 weeks. Custom order lead time is 8-10 weeks. Production lead times are estimated and not guaranteed. Rush Orders will be considered on an order by order basis and price will be quoted at time of request.

Ordering & Payment Options:

Please email and/or fax your orders directly to your rep or to Moss Studio.

You may pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or by check. A credit card authorization form must be submitted along with your order. Your order will not be put into production until a 50% deposit has been received and confirmed by our office. Once confirmation invoice is sent, please check your confirmation carefully and make any necessary changes or modifications within three days or receiving your confirmation, otherwise the order will be considered accurate and binding. Your order will not be released for shipping until final payment is received and confirmed. No modifications of payment terms will be valid without written consent from Moss Studio. All sales are final since each item is custom made to your specifications.

Professional dry cleaning or laundering is always the safest method of cleaning slipcovers. However, If the fabric for a slipcover has been pre-washed. The slipcover may be machine washed at home.

Wash the slipcover in cold water using the gentle cycle. Use non-detergent soaps i.e., ivory, snow, etc. Use the air dry setting, on low temperature only, when using your dryer. Remove the slipcover from the dryer while it is slightly damp. Put the slipcover on the sofa body and cushions immediately to maintain shape of the slipcover. Tuck slipcover into corners of sofa base for best fit.